Appirio Launches Professional Services Enterprise (PS Enterprise)

The cat is finally out of the bag with Narinder Singh's announcement today of our new product, Professional Services Enterprise (PS Enterprise). This has been especially hard for me to keep quiet about as I am the technical consultant on our first customer implementation. After digging into the product for the past month or so, I can say with firsthand knowledge that PS Enterprise is huge, elegant and feature-rich. The product team has done a fantastic job and now they can finally get some rest.

"Today is an exciting day for us. We're announcing our Professional Services Enterprise (PS Enterprise) product and introducing our PS Cloud blog. PS Enterprise is an on-demand professional service automation (PSA) solution, built entirely on Salesforce's platform. Unlike competitive solutions that originated in the SMB space, our solution is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of enterprise-class service organizations, delivering end-to-end support for managing people, projects, customers and transactions. PS Enterprise is different from other solutions because it supports a services business end-to-end, bridging the gap between how projects are sold and how they are delivered."

You can read the rest of the announcement at our newly designed site.