CloudWorks - Industry’s First Cloud Broker Technology

Today Appirio is introducing CloudWorks, the industry’s first cloud broker technology to help enterprises unleash information from SaaS silos - a problem faced by a growing number of enterprises who are moving more of their applications to the cloud.  Unlike technology that just focuses on data integration or tying together lower-level infrastructure, CloudWorks delivers complete solutions for both business and IT.  Cloudworks is an extensible foundation for a wide range of cross-cloud solutions that can improve user productivity, data quality and compliance, and return on existing SaaS investments.  As part of today’s announcement, Appirio is introducing cross-cloud solutions built on CloudWorks that will be demoed at our first annual Cloud Leadership Summit (San Francisco) in front of 100+ people:

  • SalesWorks - A packaged solution that drives results by giving sales teams better, more accurate information from across their business. SalesWorks delivers relevant customer-related data (including Chatter) to sales teams in their email, calendar or to their mobile device -- adding context to customer interactions using valuable information that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • PeopleWorks - A packaged solution that securely delivers context-sensitive HR-related information inside a manager’s inbox so they can more efficiently manage employees without the risk of exposing data to insecure environments.
  • CustomWorks - Custom solutions created by Appirio’s experienced services professionals for a specific business need using CloudWorks as a foundation.
  • CloudWorks extensions from other SaaS providers - Partner solutions from other SaaS providers that tap into the CloudWorks platform to extend the value of their own solutions. Today Appirio introduces three extensions from D&B, Marketo and Xactly that bring additional financial information, marketing insight and sales compensation data into SalesWorks.

For more information you can read the entire Press Release, Appirio Introduces Industrys First Cloud Broker Technology to Power Cross-Cloud Solutions that Unleash Information from SaaS Silos, or visit the CloudWorks page for more detailed product information.