DF13 Session Recap - Build your API with Force.com and Heroku

My talk at Dreamforce 13, "Build your API with Force.com and Heroku" went off pretty well. Thanks for everyone that came out! As you can see from the picture, it was "sitting" room only. The Developer Theatre was a awesome place to present. I really loved the vibe and energy as people walked in and out.

I only had 30 minutes for my session, but despite someone needing medical attention during my wrap-up, I still finished with a minute to spare. After the paramedics came the guy appeared to be alright. I'm hoping he was simply over stimulated from my presentation and not simply bored to near death.

You can find the source code that I used for my demo app at this repo. Feel free to pick it apart and send me any questions you might have. The slides are on Slideshare for your viewing pleasure. I heard that the theatre sessions were going to be recorded this time but I'm not sure of that.