DOT a Salesforce Developer Org

Salesforce doesn't publish this but you can essentially refresh your production org to a Developer org instead of a Sandbox. There may be only a few case in which you might want to do this and Salesforce won't approve your request easily. If they do, it may take up to a week or more to DOT the org.

A "DOT" or a Default Organizational Template is typically used by ISVs to distribute their applications. It allows them to set up new orgs quickly and efficiently with their products installed. It's effectively a config-only refresh; your data doesn't come across. You can find more info how DOTs are typically usedhere.

One case in which you may want to DOT a Developer org is if you want to move your Production configuration to a Developer org so that you can create some type of managed package. We ran across the need to DOT a org recently when a customer ran out of sandboxes and then needed an older release to develop in due to new features released(their Sandboxes had been upgraded to a new release but Production had not). We DOT'd a Developer org from Production and went about our business.