Flex 3 Remoting Error - Channel.Call.Failed

I was setting up a new Flex3 project on my Mac using ColdFusion 8 and Flash Remoting and ran into the following error when calling the remote object:

[RPC Fault faultString="error" faultCode="Channel.Call.Failed" faultDetail="NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed"]

The call and path to the CFCs was correct so I thought it might have something to do with server configuration. I searched the internets for a similar error message but could not find any relevant results.

I was stumped as I have other Flex 3 / Flash Remoting projects running on the same machine. I setup a test project and moved the CFC to a directory that worked with another project and the call was successful. Since the CFC and Flash Remoting was working properly the issue had something to do with the directory I was using. I then realized that the CFCs were buried within an existing ColdFusion project and there were perhaps some security issues.

Solution: I added a blank application.cfm file into the directory where my CFC lived and that did the trick.