Flex DataGrid Casting returning NULL object

I began working today on a new Cairngorm application that I copied from an existing application. The main feature of the application was allowing the user to select a row from a DataGrid and update its values.

model.currentObj = evt.currentTarget.selectedItem;

I had the remoting working fine with my Gateway and CFCs but selecting the row and assinging the object to the Model was not working. I used Mike Nimer's Debug component to examine object after casting it but it was returning a null value. Below is my code that has worked in numerous projects:

After searching Adobe's docs I realized that when object cannot be cast correctly, they simply return a null value. Therefore I set about trying to find why my objects weren't being cast correctly. Could it be incorrect members types in the ActionScript and CFCs? Perhaps the CFPRPOERTY tags were in the wrong order?

After a couple of hours I finally realized that the metadata alias in the ActionScript had been fat-fingered. After correcting the package to the code below, the application worked like a champ!

public class MyVO implements ValueObject