Toolkit for Google Wave Demo at Google I/O

I attended this demo at Google I/O and am glad that the video is finally available. I've wanted to post it for awhile but Google put the video up about a week ago and then promptly took it down. Not sure why...?

I think Quinton Wall and Kris Muller did an awesome job with this demo. Quinton spent most of his time at Google I/O working the Developer Sandbox so it was good to see that Salesforce had such great representation at the event. Even Dave Carroll graced the event with his presence. Every time I stopped by the booth they were busy giving demos. I know the Wave Team was very happy with the presentation and I overhead them talking very positively about it.

The use case for the demo was perfect. You have a team working an Opportunity and quickly want to start up a wave to begin collaborating on strategies to close it. With essentially one click you can spin up a wave with all team members and attach it to the Opportunity for historical reference. You can even invite resources from outside your domain to collaborate. The cool part of the demo is that Wave can then post updates to the Chatter feed using OAuth. I wanted to do something similar with Wave a couple of months ago about but was not able to since, at that time, a robot was not able to add participants. Glad to see that when the new Robots API v2 came out, Quinton was able to make this happen. Kudos to Quinton! Great job!

Scroll into minute 19 to see the start of the Salesforce portion of the demo. For more info on the toolkit, check out the An Introduction to the Toolkit for Google Wave.