Get Your Java Code Jumpin' with Roo

spring-sourceIf you develop Java applications with Spring, you'll be excited to learn that SpringSouce announced at last week's SpringOne Eupope conference a new round-trip, open source code generation tool for it's framework called "Roo". Ben Alex has an enlightening blog post about Roo and will be discussing the tool in the next coming posts.

You may or may not be a fan of code generation tools but this this one "appears" to be pretty slick. Apparently it is a small application (<3MB) that sits in the background and "...handles the things I don't want to worry about" without getting in your way. If you want to use Roo's generated assets that great. If you don't, that's great too. Apparently it plays nicely with most IDEs but SpringSource is releasing a Roo-specific IDE plugin for Eclipse, which is soon to be free.

Roo should be out shortly so you should really check out the blog post for more specifics on productivity enhancements and functionality.