Ghost CLI

Since the Ghost blogging platform does not currently include a CLI (as of 0.4.2), I decided to build one with some simple admin functionality. I needed a number of these functions when I ported this blog from WordPress to Ghost. With almost 500 posts, I had a number things that needed to be corrected and cleaned up. I had bad HTML, images that didn't properly migrate to Cloudinary and a number of other issues.

You can install the CLI from this repo.

The CLI operates from the export of your blog's settings and data. Any changes made using the CLI are not reflected in your blog. You must manually update your blog.

Ghost is expected to release a CLI with an upcoming version so this may become obselete shortly. In the meantime, I hope you find it useful.

This video covers installation and an overview of the CLI's functionality.

There's also a bonus command called waybackit. This command will search a file for images by a root (let's say youf WordPress content URL), look for the image in the Wayback Machine and if found, update that file with the new URL.