Google App Engine Updates

A few days ago Google release version 1.2.5 of the App Engine SDK. A few notable features were included in the release:

  1. XMPP support for both the Python and Java SDK. This will allow you to write applications that exchange messages with any XMPP-based network, including but not limited to Google Talk. There is also some Google Wave bot integration from what I've read.
  2. Google finally released a Python App Engine launcher for Windows. Since I'm running a Mac I didn't miss this much but from what I hear, some developers are still using Windows machines?? Strange.
  3. It's been available for Python since June but they also released a Task Queue API for Java so you can do offline task processing. It rather irritated me since it has been available for Python and I really wanted to use it with Java.

Can’t wait to see what App Engine releases next!