Google App Engine Now Supports Java

ae_gwt_javaIt only took a year (not bad) but now in addition to Python, Google App Engine now supports Java. This will be a huge boost to App Engine as it opens the service to a wider range of developer. I've played around with a few apps but I lacked the Python language knowledge to really create anything of substance.

I received my confirmation for the Java version yesterday and have just begun to poke around. Some of my favorite features include:

Eclipse Plugin for App Engine

  • Create applications for both GWT and App Engine
  • As-you-type code validation and syntax highlighting
  • Run and debug (within Eclipse) applications locally
  • App Engine deployment
  • Support for JUnit (with datastore also!)

AppEngine Java SDK

  • Support for Java 5 & 6 (Awesome!)
  • Command line access to Google App Engine
  • Dev web server to local testing. The server simulates the runtime functionaltiy of App Engine and all of its services including the datastore
  • ANT scripts for common development tasks
  • Implementations of JDO and JPI for access to the datastore (includes a query engine)
  • Cron and Memcache support
  • Authenticate user via Google Accounts
  • Uploads via CSV to the datastore

I think my first application will be a simple account browser. I’ll see how easy it is to import the Enterprise WSDL and start developing.

Update: I just found out that the Java Early Look doesn't currently support web services ("We do not currently support JAX-RPC or JAX-WS.") Here's a list of what is and is not supported.