Google Wave and


Tomorrow is the big day that Google distributes 100,000 previews to people that signed up for early access. I've been trying to get my hands on an account for awhile and even trying to pay off Scott McMullan didn't work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed; I've got some really cool robots planned out with Kyle Roche.

The Google Wave Developer Blog had a really nice post today about some of the cool stuff that Salesforce is putting together with the Service Cloud. It looks very similar to what Kyle Roche outlined in his recent Appirio Tech Blog post, Creating a Salesforce Robot for Google Wave.

The Google post even mentions some work being done by SAP Research (Narinder's old group?) and the NetWeaver guys. They have a short demo that shows how a conversation on Google Wave is augmented by a robot participant with access to SAP information. SAP entities -- in this case transport requests -- are recognised during the conversation and the transport request descriptions are inserted directly into the conversation flow. There is also another interesting demo that is hosted on the Wave site.

If you haven't read the Salesforce blog you can find it here but I've embedded the video from the post.