Governor Limits to be Removed from! is set to accounce that they will be removing all limits to the usage of their system. This represents a breakthrough in the capabilities of's "multi-tenant" architecture. A multi-tenant system typically imposes strict limitations on the number of web service and functional calls that can be executed within a system by a single user or software component. This allows the system resources such as central processing time and memory to be shared without negative impact to any particular client. was able to remove these limits because of technological breakthroughs which dramatically increase the amount of capacity in their system.

Asked about the details of the new architecture, the head of's system infrastructure team, Michael Snail, said that the technological details were proprietary, but he gave the following summary, "Basically, we figured out how to decentralize our memory and processing structure, so that our system is working peer to peer on a highly efficient basis. We're actually storing and retrieving information in the brains of the sales people using the system. There is a lot of spare capacity there."

When asked about the motivation for the change Mr. Snail said, "Well, to tell you the truth the limits were a huge pain in the ass. Every time you tried to do something cool, like siphon power from the Netsuite Data Centers or hack a Shuttle launch or something we would run into those damn limits. We just couldn't take it anymore."

The negative side effects of the new system seem to be minimal although one beta tester did report sending Opportunity Update reminders to all his friends instead of Christmas cards this year. will be rolling out the system, and sending out goggles to all their users, with the Fall 2010 release slated for September 15, 2010.

This April Fool's joke brought to you by the Appirio AppDev COE.