Hoagie - The Developer's Other White Meat

Joe Rinehart is proposing a new development stack for rapid, RIA development that includes some of my favorite and most used technologies:

  • Business layer written in Groovy (Java)
  • JPA and Hibernate for database persistence
  • Spring for the service layer
  • Coldspring / Model-Glue / ColdFusion for the presentation layer
  • JMS and Swiz for a nice RIA client push

So other ideas floating around include:

  • An ANT based installer to get everything configured and setup properly
  • Addition of Tomcat, JBoss, Railo and OpenBD as optional application servers
  • An "Enterprise RIA" stack with BlazeDS and Spring's new BlazeDS integration (my personal favorite)
  • An automated Flex project template with the Swiz framework (I'm hoping for Mate as well)
  • An automated Eclipse project to hook in an existing application context

I volunteered to be a beta tester so cross your fingers that I get accepted. I’m so excited!!