How to Pass the Service Cloud Consultant Exam

I took theService Cloud Consultant exam last week and thought I'd post some general pointers on how to pass it. We had a team call with Amy Mattes from Certification and got some really great insight. There are 60 questions on the exam and you need a 73% to pass. You are allotted 1:45 to take the exam but I think it took me a little over an hour to complete it.

First of all, the exam is not a "how to configure the service cloud" test. Roughly80% of the exam is based on industry knowledge of Service Cloud related topics, call center metrics, KPIs, etc. If you know the call center industry and terminology you'll do really well. A few general pointers:

  • Each question has a number of distractor answers that are obviously wrong. The best advice to is eliminate the distractor answers first and then narrow down the correct answer.
  • Know the difference between Sites, Customer Portal, Partner Portal and Self-Service Portal
  • There are large number of questions on Entitlements and Service Contracts (10-15)
  • Know the difference between Email-to-Case and On-Demand Email-to-Case
  • Brush up on CTI and IVR
  • Brush up on Flow (Visual Process Manager)

What to Study

I think I studied about 6-8 hours for the exam.If you have access to the Training and Certification, study the following courses:

  1. Implementing the Service Cloud
  2. Implementing CRM Essentials
  3. Administering Salesforce Knowledge
  4. Publishing Articles With Knowledge

Log into your org and download the following PDFs and read over them. You may have to change the URL for your org's pod but they are scattered around on this page.

  1. Salesforce CTI End User Cheatsheet
  2. Salesforce Solutions Cheatsheet
  3. Salesforce Agent Console Cheatsheet
  4. Salesforce Solutions Implementation Guide
  5. Salesforce Knowledge Implementation Guide
  6. Salesforce Self Service Cheatsheet
  7. Salesforce CTI Admin Cheatsheet
  8. Salesforce Case Implementation Guide
  9. Salesforce Support Admin Cheatsheet
  10. Salesforce Support Rep Cheatsheet

If you know all of this information you should have no problem passing the certification exam. Good luck!!