Learning Rails with ... Zombies!

My buddies over at Twilio released a new service yesterday called Twilio Client. I got the scoop about this a number of weeks ago and couldn't wait to talk about it.Twilio Client is a super slick service that allows you to:

  • Make Outbound Phone Calls From the Browser
  • Receive Inbound Phone Calls in the Browser
  • Make Calls Between Two Browsers

It works with virtually all browsers, mobile devices (there’s a mobile SDK on the roadmap) and regular old phones. Twilio is charging .25 of a cent per minute for this service. The Client tool, which is available now as a Javascript SDK, will also eventually be available in separate versions for iOS and Android devices. Twilio client overview

Like all of Twilio's stuff it's not only super powerful but super easy to use. Just include three lines of Javascript into your code and you are off and running. They have (of course) great docs and a ton of sample code as well.

You can sign up for a free developer account and get started right away with the Quickstart. I built my Twilio Client demo app to test out all of these features in 15 minutes. No kidding.

Twilio client

I can already envision a ton of great use cases for Twilio Client. Embed it in the Customer Portal. Put in on a Force.com Sites page or on your SiteForce website. Perhaps even build an entire call center app! I suspect we'll soon be running some CloudSpokes challenges with the Twilio Client.