My App Mavericks Video Interview with HeyWire

I recently recorded an App Maverick interview for Salesforce with Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO and Founder of HeyWire, for a walkthrough of Heywires apps, LiveText Agent and Business Messenger.

I've been doing SMS integration for Salesforce for years but HeyWire has some great features that make for a complete SMS conversation in Salesforce.

  • HeyWire adds text features to a companys existing 1-800 or office numbers so that texts come from a number that customers are familiar with and are more likely to engage with.

  • With the LiveText Agent, customer service reps can text customers from within the Salesforce Service Cloud, allowing them to pull up each customers case history while messaging.

  • According to Flynn-Ripley, HeyWire customers observed a 32% spike in close rates when responding to inbound Web inquiries via the app, while customer satisfaction scores increased an average of 50 to 60% in the first two months after launching HeyWire.