My Son Joined the Navy!

I just got a call from my elder son, Scott, that he just raised his hand and joined the US Navy. It has taken him about 6 months to get all of his paperwork in order but he finally enlisted today as an Aviation Electronic, Electrical, and Computer Systems Technician.

He's been going to school and managing a pizza place in Gainesville for awhile and finally decided that he wants more out of life. He's been thinking about the military for quite awhile and perhaps it was some recent changes in his personal life and/or the fact that his little brother is doing so well in the Army that gave him that little nudge.

We are an Army family (me, wife, both dads, two uncles, etc) so it will take some time to get used to the Navy terminology. He's in good company though as his great-grandfather (in the photo above) was in the Navy in WWII (earned 8 Bronze Stars in the Pacific -- still alive!) and his great-great-grandfather went down with the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

He leaves for "A" school (basic training) in December at Great Lakes (near Chicago) and then his "C" school (advanced) in Pensacola. I think his entire training is roughly 8 months or so. He can also volunteer to be an aircrew technician which is physically demanding and somewhat hazardous (flight pay, rescue swimmer training, etc). I asked him if he was interested in that and his reply was, "Hell yea!!".

I'm really proud of the kid guy and am so glad that he's finally taken this step in his life. I think it's going to give him a great future. I just need to find out where I can get a "Proud Navy Dad" bumper sticker to go along with my "Proud Army Dad" one.