New Help Portal

At Appirio one of our best customers and partners is We just finished the development of the new Help Portal and it went live a couple of days ago. The new Portal is in Pilot in our production org and, unfortunately, I'm not sure when it will be GA.

The new Help Portal has been available in our production org for about a week now and I've been using it to do some research for other articles and projects. I can say that it is a huge improvement to the current Help Portal and you'll love it.

  • Built on the standard Customer Portal
  • Fully customizable home page with movable / collapsible portlets
  • Revamped Case management -- much easier!
  • Web services integration with Knowlwedge
  • Intregrated Chat with InstantService (transcripts attached to support cases)
  • Salesforce-to-Salesforce (S2S) integration
  • Customizable gadgets including Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Lots of cool technology, including Adobe Flex, Batch Apex, Scheduled Apex, Custom Settings, Triggers and so on.