Salesforce API Transformation to MuleSoft - Part 3

This is the last of a three part series on the Salesforce Developers codeLive channel where we walk through a lift and shift of functionality from Salesfore Apex to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

In this final part we refactor the Apex code to call our API on CloudHub usng Name Credentials. We then use the new Summer ‘23 HTTP Callout (beta) action to create a screen flow that allows users to look a flight by code.


  • Refacter the Apex code to make a single callout to the new API on CloudHub.
  • Create a Permission Set, External Credential and Named Credential for the Apex Callout.
  • Create a screen flow that allows users to look up a flight by code using an HTTP Callout action.

See this repo for all of the code and assets used in the applications.

Flight Finder Flow


HTTP Callout (beta) action

HTTP Callout action


Input screen

Flight display