Piratize Your Salesforce Chatter Feeds for ITLAP Day

We just wrapped up a really cool challenge over at CloudSpokes just in time for not only Dreamforce 12 but for International Talk Like a Pirate Day... which just happens to fall right in the middle of Dreamforce.

Here is a blog post with all of the details plus links to videos, unmanaged packages and the code itself on github. We had 5 really good submissions for the Argh! Pirate Chatter challenge and we ended up giving out more money than expected for prizes, but it was well worth it. A lot of fun to see what people came up with. Some people really went above and beyond the submission requirements and even piratized their entire submission... source code and all!

We are encouraging everyone to install the application in their orgs for ITLAP day on Wednesday September 19. What does the application do? How much fun would it be to have the SVP of Sales in your organization post to chatter:

"Hey Jim!! Do you want to meet with the customer for lunch?"

and have it show up as:

Ahoy Jim!! Do ye wants t' meet wit' th' customer fer grub?

Go get the code now matey lest ye be a scallywag!