Sayonara WordPress. Hola Ghost!

If the DNS has propagated successfully you should be seeing my new Ghost blog now and I'm super excited about it! I've always hated WordPress (I'm not the only one) for a number of reasons (expensive, bloated, slow, PITA, etc) but it's always been a necessary evil. My main complaint with WordPress is that it's trying to be everything for everyone. I don't want an application platform. I want a blog. This is why I love Ghost! It's "just a blogging platform" and it's written in Node.js using Handlebars. FTW!!

There are a number of reasons to love Ghost:

  1. It's all Node.js and Handlebars so I can easily muck around in it. For both of my Ghost sites, I purchased a template (I can't do design) and hacked the crap out of it. I even wrote this search page from scratch.
  2. Themes are cheap, clean, fast and mobile friendly.
  3. Easy and cheap to stand up! I can get a new blog up and running in (literally) a matter of minutes with hosted sites using or digitalocean for a handful of presidents a month.
  4. It's Node.js so I can run it locally for development and testing.

I will admit that it's not 100% baked as of right now. But that's awesome!! The community has time to build some killer blogging plugins. The next version of Ghost should include a CLI so going to be a huge milestone for admins.