Appirio Tough Mudder - RIP Clint Ruiz

My Son, SGT DouglasOn May 19th some of us from Appirio are doing Tough Mudder in Jacksonville as part of "Team Ruiz" to raise money for a couple of reasons. I've given a lot to the Salesforce developer community so I'm hoping in turn I can persuade some people step up and pay it forward after hearing this story.

So that's my son on the left. He's an arabic-speaking Army Special Operations sergeant heading back for his second deployment to Afghanistan in the next couple of days (literally). The tattoo on his chest is for his good friend, 22 year old Sergeant Clint Ruiz, that was killed Afghanistan on October 25, 2012 in this blue on green incident. He's survived by a wife and small son.

We are running the Tough Mudder to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project (hopefully my son will never need it) and also raise money for Clint's Ruiz's 2 year old son's college fund. I'm hoping that you'll donate some money to at least one (if not both) of the causes below.

Donate to Wounded Warrior Project
Donate to WWP on our "Team Ruiz" Tough Mudder page. I'll let everyone know the total amount after the event.

Donate to College Fund
If you'd like to donate money to Clint Ruiz's son's college fund, please send it to my Paypal account ( and I'll see that it makes it to his parents. I'll personally match each dollar that is donated.