Using AggregateResult in SOQL

In Spring '10, released new Apex functionality for aggregate functions in SOQL. These queries return an AggregateResult object which can be somewhat confusing at first. I've noticed quite a people searching my blog for this topic so I thought I'd throw some examples together.

So the functions count(fieldname), count_distinct(), sum(), avg(), min() and max() return an AggregateResult object (if one row is returned from the query) or a List of AggregateResult objects (if multiple rows are returned from the query). You access values in the AggregateResult object much like a map calling a "get" method with the name of the column. In the example below you can see how you can access a column name (leadsource), alias (total) and an unnamed column (expr0). If you have multiple unnamed columns you reference in the order called with expr0, expr1, expr2, etc.

List<aggregateResult> results = [select leadsource, count(name) total, count(state) from lead group by leadsource ];

for (AggregateResult ar : results) {

The AggregateResult returns the value as an object. So for some operations you will need to cast they value to assign them appropriately.

Set<id> accountIds = new Set<id>();
for (AggregateResult results : [select accountId from contact group by accountId]) {

One this to be aware of is that the count() function does not return an AggregateResult object. The resulting query result size field returns the number of rows:

Integer rows = [select count() from contact];
System.debug('rows: ' + rows);

You can also do some cool things like embed the SOQL right in your expression:

if ([select count() from contact where email = null] > 0) {
 // do some sort of processing...

I run across this error once in awhile: Invalid type: AggregateResult. The error happens when you execute the code in a tool that is not using the 18 API. This happens to me frequently when I execute code anonymously in Eclipse. Try opening the System Log in and running your code there.