Beat Jeff Douglas ... not literally

Over at CloudSpokes we have a new"Beat Jeff Douglas" contest. The contest is not to see if you can physically beat me up, although that was suggested by a couple of people that I work with, but to see if you can write a better browser plugin that me. The title doesn't fit the project well, but it'sNarinder's way to poke some fun at me and at the same time to get some work done.

A while ago I wrote aGoogle Chrome extension with a number of tools and it's been wildly popular. The only problem is that (apparently) not everyone uses Chrome. Some people still use Firefox (I do as well for multiple orgs, BTW). I received a large number of emails asking when a Firefox extension would be available.

So the "Beat Jeff Douglas" contest is actually to create a Firefox plugin of my Utility Belt. The prize for the contest is $1000 so that should be a great incentive. The Firefox plugin shouldn't be too difficult as it's mainly Javascript and I've attached my Chrome source code to the contest. You just have to know how to make a plugin for Firefox and you could bring home the bacon (historical reference for @wesnolte).

So what are you waiting for? Head over to CloudSpokes, use my source code and write a Firefox plugin and win $1000!