CloudSpokes Hits 2000 Members in 6 Weeks!

Yesterday was a big day in the history of CloudSpokes as we hit 2000 members! We officially launched the site six weeks ago on Valentine's Day and honestly didn't know what type of reception we'd receive.

At a pre-launch meeting we tried to set a goal for the number of members before the end of the quarter. Narinder asked for a SWAG and a number of people said 250 or 500 or possibly even 750 members. However, if you check the meeting notes, I believe I was the one that said 2000 members. Everyone chuckled and Narinder chimed in with 1000 just to make me sound less crazy (typically not possible but he is Narinder).

The competitions so far have been fun, exciting and challenging on broad range of topics including code obfuscation,, Facebook, Twilio, XSLT, Heroku, JavaScript, Firefox and Ruby. We'd paid out over $20,000 so far with more to come! We currently have 8 open challenges with 110+ registrants on such topics as iOS development,, Twilio, Evernote and general development.

If you have an idea for a cool challenge, submit it here. We are paying out $50 for each winning idea.

Narinder has promised a small party to celebrate. I think we are all going out for ice cream and unicorn rides!