ColdFusion 9 to Support Cloud Computing

coldfusionAt CFUnited yesterday Adobe announced plans to support "Cloud Computing" in their upcoming version of ColdFusion 9, currently in beta.

Not a lot of details were given (including pricing) but the following bullet points are available from Ben Forta's site:

  • The current CPU based ColdFusion licensing, including no restriction on instances or virtual servers, remains as is in ColdFusion 9.
  • ColdFusion will introduce new licensing options for cloud environments, where there is no per CPU model. ColdFusion Standard will allow a single cloud instance, and ColdFusion Enterprise will allow up to 10 cloud instances.
  • Split licenses won't be allowed, so no ColdFusion Enterprise running on 1 CPU and 5 cloud instances.
  • Plan to supportAmazon EC2 by creating ready-to-useAmazon Machine Images (AMIs).

I’m not sure how earth-shattering this is given the amount of details but we’ll surely know more soon.