Drinking the Kool-Aid

kool-aidIt's my first real week at Appirio and I'm at the San Mateo office for my "Appirio 101" immersion. Almost half of the company happens to be here and it's great to be around like-minded, cloud, kool-aid drinkers. There's alot of stuff going on this week with on-boarding, learning the "Appirio Way", new product development and getting ready for my first project next week.

We have a relatively large number of new consultants starting this month and we spent the first day with "Appirio 101". This was basically an entire day of presentations from the senior management regarding how the company works, the corporate culture and what we "do". The rest of the entire week focuses on "how" we do thing and we've had some very challenging topics and conversations.

One of the great things that I've come to discover about Appirio is that the people are awesome! I know that everyone says that about their company but with Appirio it's entirely true. Appirio is highly successful because of the people in the organization. We hire based upon trust, professionalism and "gray matter" and this really shows. I feel like a neophyte sitting down with a number of these people.

One thing that amazes me is that with all of the brilliant and super-smart people, there are no prima donnas or egos here. Everyone is willing to help out when needed and does! You are just as likely to see Glenn Weinstein (Founder and Principal) respond to technical questions on the message board as you are to see a newly hired consultant.

There are alot of cool products, projects and opportunities afoot! I look forward to my new project in Austin, TX next week.