Advanced Developer Programming Assignment

I recently received the Advanced Developer programming assignment and a few people have emailed me about its contents. So, not to give anything away, you essentially get a sandbox and an EE org to develop the app outlined in programming assignment. The requirements (8 pages) look pretty straight forward and nothing jumps out at me as being crazy. If you have experience developing Salesforce apps (and you should if you are taking this test!) it should look familiar. You deal with objects, roles, permissions, sharing model, workflow, Apex, Visualforce, etc. All of the things you would expect as an advanced developer.

You should budget a minimum of 20 hours to complete the assignment; however, they recommended that you budget as much time as possible to ensure there is ample time to successfully complete the assignment. Collaboration between candidates, use of support, and solicitation of help from others is NOT allowed and is grounds for disqualification.

Both the programming assignment and essay exam need be completed and submitted by Monday, February 8th 2010 at 9:00 AM (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada). The essay exam and programming assignment will be evaluated and scored by a panel of experts and candidates will receive their pass/fail status approximately one month after the window closes.