Integration Announced for GAE/J

The cat is finally out of the bag regarding the new integration with Google App Engine for Java. I've been working with Ron Hess and Ryan Marples for roughly a month or so on the project and it's been very hard to keep the secret.

Ron and Ryan did all of the heavy lifting and I helped out with a little testing and some demo applications. I have two applications that I am going to post in the next couple of days but I'm trying to push out our Sites pilot today or tomorrow. I'm kind of behind the gun right now as I am leaving for Europe on vacation on Friday.

For more details on for Google App Engine, both Java and Python, you can visit this page.

The full press release is available for your reading enjoyment. I even bribed someone and got a quote in the release:

"We're excited about the possibilities of bringing together and App Engine with Java," said Jeff Douglas, Senior Platform Developer, Informa Plc. "We are prototyping a number of customer-facing applications to replace paper-based processes. Cloud computing gives us the capability to quickly prototype, build and deliver applications for our customers."