Google Announces Beta for Gmail on Your Box

Google is set to announce a major strategy switch with respect to cloud computing later today. As a trusted tester Appirio is privy to certain information but we were placed on embargo until 8am EST this morning.

According to our CMO, Narinder Singh, Google will shortly announce that they are launching a new beta called, Gmail on Your Box. This will allow large enterprises to install Gmail on servers in their own data centers and create a private cloud called Securely Hosted Internal Transmission.

Narinder was playing squash with Googles Scott Tenorman last month when he let the cat slip out of the bag. You know weve had a good couple of years with Gmail since it came out of beta, but Exchange is really starting to eat our lunch. I mean the cloud is cool and everything but I think we need to go 'cheap and deep back onto servers. He also told Narinder that companies he had spoken with recently really didnt like the cloud model. They would much rather make their own hardware purchases, apply their own weekly patches and updates, worry about network and application security and perform daily backups. Plus hiring people to sit in the NOC to watch data packets go back and forth across the network is good for the economy. It generates good paying jobs.

Like most Google betas, Gmail on Your Box is only available for Windows due to system requirements. Narinder told me, They had to make it available for Windows users only right now because the Admin Console only runs in Internet Explorer 6. They are using ActiveX controls for the UI layer.

Distribution hasnt been determined yet but you will initially be able to pick up a CD outside the door in Google Colored bins at Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walgreens. You can also pay by check and Google will mail you download instructions. However, this avenue is only available for CompuServe users. Its been rumored that Gmail on Your Box will also be bundled with Netscape Navigator 1.2, Yahoo! Toolbar and RealPlayer 5, but that cannot be confirmed at this time.

This April Fools joke was written by me and brought to you by the Appirio AppDev COE.