Google App Engine for Java and Java Toolkit Demo

ae_gwt_java2When the for Google App Engine Java Toolkit was in development I promised Ron Hess and Ryan Marples some feedback on my development efforts and to provide some demo applications for the project. Unfortunately the toolkit was released roughly the same time that our Sites pilot application went live and I left for my European vacation. Well now I am back, caught up and finally able to finish and commit my code.

The application is a telesales use case and demonstrates some basic functionality of the Partner API as well as memcache for maintaining the connection to I also threw in some Spring framework for fun. You can browse/download the code from the link on the home page of the demo or from this link.

You can run the demo at:

I have another sample application that I can hopefully finish up and post this weekend. This one is straight Servlets and JSPs without Spring.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.