How to deploy Apex without test coverage

A couple of weeks ago I had written some Apex controllers and Visualforce pages for one of our business units. The new code went through release management and I decided to deploy it Friday night (the business unit is located in the UK) before I left for the weekend.

I used Eclipse as usual and my deployment validated successfully and the assets were pushed to production. I logged in and ran the new processes successfully.

While running All Test on one of our dev sandboxes on Monday morning, I realized that I had totally forgotten to write the unit tests for the code I had deployed on Friday. I was shocked that the code had successfully deployed as everyone know that 75% code coverage is required.

I submitted a case to our Premier Support rep which he quickly escalated to Level 3 support. I also decided to post the question to the message boards. Shortly thereafter, I received the following message from Andrew, a product manager at

"Code coverage is measured across all of your apex classes and triggers. Triggers are the only logical blocks that specifically require >0% coverage because we know they are in use. The same can not be said for classes so there is no class-level coverage requirement in place at this time.

When you deploy your code using eclipse the existing tests are run and if the coverage is sufficient your deployment will succeed. I presume you had code deployed already and that the additional (untested) controller code you deployed did not drop your overall coverage below the minimum level. If you do a global run all tests you should still find yourself above the minimum. If that's not the case please update your case with that information."</blockquote>
Very interesting. I showed this to our Premier Support rep and he was preplexed to say the least.