I'm at the TopCoder Open this week. OMG!

Busy, busy week right before Dreamforce! With our acquisition of TopCoder, the CloudSpokes team is part of the TopCoder Open (TCO), an annual event which features algorithm, design, and development competitions in a tournament format. We've brought in nearly 125 of the best developers and designers from around the world to participate in 3 days of competitions.

I've never been to a TCO before and was blown away by the spectacle and sheer awesomeness of the competitors. From "marathon matches", "mod dashes" and the "SuperAwesome API Cloud Mashathon" there is something always going on. Just to give you a taste of the atmosphere, here's a short recap of day one's marathon match.

For the first year we have a cloud hackathon event called the "SuperAwesome API Cloud Mashathon". Participants spin our "API Wheel of Awesomeness" and must use two of the three APIs selected in their application.

Unfortunately, I'll only have a couple of days to recover before Dreamforce so if I'm dragging around the DevZone, you know why.