We have a content management system that has been in production for a couple of years on the same server running CFMX7. I don't believe we've done anything to the server recently.

Today the CMS generated a client's site incorrectly. The Javascript didn't work right nor did any Flash. I poked around the code and a number of script, object and embed tags had been changed to InvalidTag? I serached around and quickly found this post on Ray Camden's site explaining the situation.

So I went into the CFMX admin and unchecked Enable Global Script Protection. I recycled CF and generated the site again and still the same problem!

I searched some more and found another post explaining how I could alter the internal setting of CF. I tried this and still nothing! I then reset these settings and search further into my application code.

I finally realized that some of the header and footer templates that were used to generate the HTML had the InvalidTag hardcoded into the template. Once I replaced these tags and rebuilt the site it worked like a champ. The setting in the CFMX admin did the trick.