Salesforce Handbook Review - Quinton Wall

Cross posted on the Salesforce Handbook

When Wes and I were wrapping up the Salesforce Handbook we knew that we wanted to get some level of support from We were hoping someone might review the book for us and possibly provide us with some sort of quote for credibility. We were hoping the Developer Evangelism team would help out since we have a good relationship with most of them. We would have loved to have reviews and quotes from all of them (actually everyone on the team has helped out in some manner butVMforce andDF10 are coming up fast) but our first thought was to reach out toQuinton Wall andRon Hess given their backgrounds.

Quinton was the first person that we asked to review our book and boy did he come through! Quinton read the book over the weekend and had a large number of comments for us Monday morning. We really appreciate his input and the following quote he provided.

"The community is the best resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the platform. Jeff Douglas and Wes Nolte, are two of the communities most active and respected members. The Salesforce Handbook is as close as you can get to bottling the combined experience of Jeff and Wes into a book designed to get new developers building apps in no time. They just made my job so much easier!"