Spring '09 Features Released

Salesforce.com released the features for the upcomng Spring '09 release. Some of my favorites are:

  1. Apex Code Auto-Complete in Force.com IDE - Finally Eclipse will have the same features that Visual Studio had 8 years ago!
  2. Broader Compatibility With External Web Services
  3. Cross-Object Workflow - Update Parent Fields from Child Records without Code
  4. API Data Replication Enhancements - Not sure exactly what this is but everyone loves replicating data!
  5. Enhanced Sites support for robot.txt, packaging and pages
  6. Visualforce Theme for Ideas - Out-of-the-Box Visual Template for Ideas Public Sites (I've been told by the Ideas product manager that they are releasing all of the Apex and Visualforce code to developers to roll our own implementations.)
  7. Salesforce-to-Salesforce API - Share information with partners automatically based on predetermined criteria

Of course there is other great stuff coming in Spring ‘09 but these features make my legs tingle.