Upsize to

I remember back in the day there use to be a utility that would allow you to upsize your Access database to SQL Server. It was such a great tool that saved hours and hours of time.

Reid Carlberg has just released a new application on Code Share that allows you to migrate your local databases and data to

Cloud Converter is a Java application that inspects dirt bound database table metadata and then uses the metadata API to create that object in the clouds. It creates the object, updates the default page layout and creates a tab. It then migrates the data from your dirt bound database to the clouds. Supports any dirt bound database accessible via a JDBC driver. This has been tested with Apache Derby (as a sample), MySQL and Lotus Notes.

I have an existng web application that is in need of some cloud-ifying but it is in SQL Server so I’ll have to see how this works. At least if it generates the schema then it will be worth the price of admission.