Using OAuth to Authorize External Applications

My article on OAuth went up yesterday on (thanks Jon!). It seems like OAuth is gaining adoption so I hope the article comes in handy for people developing applications for I'm currently working on another article for the Web Services Connector (WSC).

" lets you build external web applications that access data on the platform using the Oauth 1.0a protocol. OAuth is an open protocol that allows a website to access resources of another website without having to expose a user's credentials. Instead of supplying a username and password, OAuth allows users to hand out security tokens to specific sites for access to specific resources for a defined duration.

In this article we'll explain what OAuth is and why you should use it. We'll also configure a Remote Access Application in, and develop an application on Google App Engine that uses a Remote Access Application to authorize access to to display account and contact records. Finally, we'll look at some tips, tricks, available libraries and best practices to get you up and running in no time."

Read the entires article at

All of the code for the application is available at the Google Code project: sfdc-oauth-demo