Video - Electronically DocuSign Documents with Node.js

Let me start off by saying that filling out physical forms on the interwebs sucks. I feel bad for our CloudSpokes members that have to submit their tax documents to us. Historically, when developers win money for participating in a CloudSpokes challenge, we would send them an email instructing them to download a tax form, print it off, fill it out, scan it back in and then email it to us. What a terrible process.... I'd rather chew glass than do this.

Luckily we've been working with DocuSign to build their shiny new REST API and we were one of their first partners to use it in production. I spent a couple of weeks working with Vlad Cretu, DocuSign's Developer Advocate, to solve this nagging problem with a slick little node.js application using that allows a member to sign their tax form online and update our org all from the comfort of their browser.

I'm happy to report CloudSpokes members will never have to deal with time-wasting paperwork again, thanks to our friends at DocuSign!