Vote for My Idea - Enhanced Apex Testing Functionality

ideas-logoI just posted the following Idea and am offering a reward for each individual that votes for it. I will personally email you a genuine slice of Florida sunshine directly from the beach (restrictions apply; see below for details). Here's my idea:

"Writing test cases is both tedious and necessary. Help developers out by developing a framework of testing services that we often are forced to write over and over and over again.

Similar to JUnit, provide the ability to create and run individual test suites instead of all tests.

Implement a setUp() method that initializes common object and a tearDown() method to cleanup those objects after each test.

Add the functionality to create test fixtures. A test fixture is useful if you have two or more tests for a common set of objects. Using a test fixture avoids duplicating the test code necessary to initialize and cleanup common objects for each test."

Vote for this idea - RIGHT NOW!

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